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I’ve been in Malaysia the past few weeks and didn’t post my radio spots. So here I am with jet lag, 4AM, catching up a bit. We’ll discuss why liberalism not only fails every time, but how it destroys its intended beneficiaries every time. Also, why Vladmir Putin is a better leader for Russia than Obama can ever be for America. Could it be that Putin simply loves the country he born in? Click below for 9 hard-hitting one-minute seminars.
Nov. 6 Liberalism Does Not Work
Nov. 7 Diversity Madness
Nov. 11 Putin Makes More Sense
Nov. 18 EBT Card Entitlement Frenzy
Nov. 19 High Crimes and Misdemeanors
Nov. 25 Destroying the Filibuster
Nov. 26 Cuccinelli Extremism
Nov. 27, 28 Why Thanksgiving Season
Nov. 29 Cuccinelli Extremism 2


About George Caylor

Here I am, age 68, wondering how we can return America to the greatness I knew her to be. It occurred to me that I can't do it alone. I'll need a lot of help! Then the Tea Party came along beside me. I've found Patriots who have read the Constitution, and understand that we need only to get back to this miraculous Founding Guide on how we are to govern ourselves.

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